NEWS Updated 6th October 2017

I am happy, and honoured, to announce that I have been selected as a semi-finalist in this years Moran Prize. As a semi-finalist I am one of another 200 fine artists selected out of over 1100 entries. The wait is now on to see if I will make the finalists: the competition is strong and I am very happy just to have been selected for the semi's. From the 200 semi-finalists there is then a selection of 30 to be announced as finalists sometime around the 11th of October 2017. SO FINGERS CROSSED!.
The portrait I entered is entitled " Self Censorship". My work is on a modest scale and less traditionally on a square format rather than rectangular. I did this intentionally as I wanted it to bring the viewer in and to be more personal than a big over powering image may present. However the subject of self-censorship is a big topic; It is one which can be read as humorous or far darker an issue in its nature.
( Having recently pulled my Artist Page off Facebook due to Facebook censoring a boost  I created in which there was a work of a bare breasted female ; on the grounds it was deemed by Facebook as "offensive", censorship is foremost in my mind of recent times. More on this in my next blog).
Back to the selected work; I chose to represent the concept of self censorship with a red ribbon tied in a bow: Firstly red as it obviously is representative of "Stop" and "Danger", it is also a colour of "Passion": Passion often leads me to lose all sense of self censorship!. On the darker side I am constantly aware that in this modern world we are all so easily able to put forward and promote our every thought, feeling and opinion. And that sometimes its best simply to stop and consider our words a little more . Also, in almost total contradiction, as a woman I often feel I must self censor as if I am abiding by unwritten social norms and expectations. i.e.: An angry woman is hysterical, unattractive, a woman with too strong a set of opinions threatening and often avoided, the list is long.
And yet the fact the ribbon is tied with nothing more than a bow, it would take the gentlest of actions to release the gag and stop self censoring!. 
Anyhow, the meanings within my self-portrait are many, and often in duality with one another: as always art can be taken as each individual viewer chooses or perceives to understand it, thats the wonder of art!.